Friday, March 14, 2008

Humanity, currently, is much a like a single average human in its perspective of itself; it trusts only what it sees, enjoys its own voice, lavishes itself in gluttonous abandon at its own expense, and is comforted by the warmth of another, regardless of the 'others' intent.

We seek to abandon loneliness, a byproduct of the concept I, and we find sanctuary in the mundane and superficial. Logic is abandoned for comfort, as we lie in the filth of our aversions to the truth.

We stand here now not as single confused mammals, but as one complex organism who has wired itself into one being. We are the squared renaissance, the culmination of history is at our fingertips with a vortex of information the most powerful human beings on earth had only dreamed about.

Can we win? We already have. The truth is novelty, the truth is power, and the truth is what we, humanity, have taken hold of.

The truth, is that there is no truth. Doesn't that take a load off?

Thank you for the invitation to contribute to this blog. my name is jester, and We are the ones who are called I Am.

::Statements made in this post are subject to the cascading chaos known as the infinite existence, and are completely fallible and hold no weight in reason, fact or logic::

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meme contributor said...

*snaps* to you dear friend. In an attempt to seek the many truths of existence and to manipulate the neural net that currently covers the globe, I press on, hoping that the niche I have found myself in, fills itself with other, like minded essentrics sentients. I welcome you to this virtual agora, assemble and exchange, meme mayhem ;)