Thursday, March 13, 2008


Have we mentioned that we cannot freakin’ wait to go!?

The most anticipated, talked about event of the year.

From lolcats to goatse to the Zidane headbutt, I’ve been at least tenuously linked to some of the web’s most notable and notorious memes. Naturally, when I heard about ROFLCon, a conference being organized at Harvard to celebrate online memes and celebrities, I knew I had to be there.

In what could turn out to be just about the greatest convention in the history of conventions, the organizers of ROLFCon are attempting to assemble all the famous internet memes and icons in one place.

Virgin fest.

Along with scads more!

the martini shaker*: “With featured guests like The Tron Guy, Leslie Hall, the creators of Homestar Runner, and Gröûp X on board, who wouldn’t want to go? We can ask to be sent to one conference a year at work. This would be my pick, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t qualify.” [more here]

Fun Anymore: “I’ve decided to approach my 2008 convention schedule with significantly more thought and care than previously. On the top of my list of I CAN HAZ is ROFLCon. Teh funny, to be sure!” [more here]

Current TV blog: [more here] “If these kids actually do get this off the ground it promises to be quite the ironic pseudo celeb event EVAR.” [more here]

Geekadelphia: “This is a big slap in the face for every person that wished certain memes just fizzled out. Do you hate LOLcats? Are you nauseated by the thought of reading another list of Chuck Norris facts? Does Tay Zonday bring you happiness …or a certain sadness that can only be described as suicidal? All hope is finally lost, as ROFLcon 2008 promises to perpetuate those famous internet videos, links, and photos your friends clog your inbox with.” [more here] “En avril 2008, j’aimerais bien me retrouver à Cambridge (MA) pour assister à la conférence ROFLCon. Les organisateurs prévoient y rassembler tous les gens responsables de la naissance des plus grands memes de l’histoire du Web. Imaginez la scène: on retrouvera en un même endroit les créateurs de la folie derrière LOLCat, Bert is evil, Paperclip to house, Tron Guy, etc. Dingue.” [more here]

IT Exchange Group: “It’ll definitely be a unique opportunity to meet the people behind some of the web’s most engaging oddities, and to just have some fun.” [more here]

The Long, Slippery Slope: “Never let it be said that Harvard doesn’t know how to have fun” [more here]

cut to the chase: “My mission: to make it to ROFLCon. What a guest list!” [more here]

Trikinhuelas: “Justo cuando todo mundo piensa ‘cómo puedes gastar tu tiempo en tanta cosa inútil (recuerden los LOLcats, los mooninites, y los esfuerzos de «algunos» de encontrar primero El Video Más Cagado de la Vida).” [more here]

Fimoculous: “This is awesome. Watch this get so big they’ll have no idea to handle it and it’ll all blow up about a month before it happens. Then we’ll see who ROFLing. In all seriousness, this is awesome.” [more here]

Encyclopedia Dramatica: “Seeing as all the guests included are on 4chan’s most wanted list, this convention is quite convenient for Anonymous to wipe unfunny memes off the face of the earth.” [more here]

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