Saturday, January 19, 2008

Psychedelic Overhead Projector Art - Analog Visual Insanity

Now that we reside firmly in the digital age, engulfed in the ever evolving technosphere, I sometimes miss the analog way of life. The simpler, easier to keep up with technologies. In my quest to ground myself in a bit of the past,before it's rewritten by wiki addicts, I bought overhead projectors.

Now initially they were used so I could convert them into LCD projectors, cheaply. I did that with a total of three and I highly recommend to anyone with the time, and the little amount of money it takes, to do it! Now! The image qaulity is amazing, costs under $200 if you don't have the materials and gives you the same throw distance as a short throw lense would with a regular LCD. Seriously, it's as bad ass as it sounds.

So, unfortunetly I am without LCD screens but still have two overhead projectors. While milling around on the internet, I decided to pursue images, or intructables on oil projections. That long forgotten, or at least I thought long forgotten art of the 60's and 70's. Made famous during Ken Keasey's acid tests around the bay area back when acid was still legal and love was on the lips of many.

Well, what I have found are great artists, great tutorials and content. Enjoy my long hours of google searches and digging.

Matthiis Strabl
Brotherhood of light
Liquid Lights

A how to, sort of :)

Equipment that produces a similiar effect: Liquid Wheels

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