Sunday, November 18, 2007

Smokers, we are the most self loathing subset of the population. We constantly say," I hate myself for smoking, I want to quit." Yet, we continue on, in the face of anti-smoking campaigns, the surgeon general and our own moral compass. Must be the nicotine.

In any case, I want to quit. Here is a video that just reminds me why that is.

VIDEO: Tar Extracted from 400 Cigarettes

This person wants to show you "the process of extracting 7200 mgr tar from 400 cigarettes." The results may or may not surprise you, depending on your tolerance level for the dark heavy viscid substance. Video after the break.


Jester said...

I did it with several bad 'voyages' leading me up to the patch and its been almost a month. I am one of the worst types for self gratification. I'm off the patch 2 weeks now, and granted, I am an avid gum chewer at this point, but thats a little better, right?

meme contributor said...

Gum is definitely better, but I love the stories of peole switching to nicoret to get over the habit, and then stuck buying boxes of the gum for years afterwards, simply changing their vice. Nano cancer eating bots are just around the corner, all smokers will be saved ;)