Sunday, July 15, 2007

Present day NYC in comparison to the era's that proceeded it, is a much tamer place to inhabit. The hedonistic, sometimes anarchic existence that once reigned there is no more. I find myself draw to the stories of the beats in the 50's, floating across rooftops contemplating jazz. The 60's, where hippies and yippies protested constantly in union sqaure. The 70's, Andy Warhol's factory and influence warping popular culture. A window into the latter of those eras is in fact Glenn Obrien's TV Party.
I went for a search, seeking episodes of the show and came across some gems on youtube. There is also a documentary, which I have yet to watch. I went for the cheaper path for the moment and used the free sources of the interwebs. I'll post some of the better ones for those of you too lazy to search yourselves.

"This is Sub-realism."

Basquiat interviewed by Glenn O'brien

TV Party Live 1: TV Party Band and David Byrne pt.1

TV Party Live 1: TV Party Band and David Byrne pt.2

TV Party | Blondie

Bonus flick, sort of TV party related| Jean-Michel Basquiat

Link to a more informative blog posting on TV Party, enjoy!

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