Sunday, July 01, 2007

As the years progress, and talks of Draconian like hierarchy's become more and more prevalent, organizations such as IAA offer technology to thwart the efforts of the ruling class!

Complacency is the one thing that allows the powers that be to manipulate the masses. Organizations such us this prove that pro-active, dedicated intellectual minds can get together and develop solutions and counter measures while effectively mobilizing the politically left to make change.

A few of their projects inspired great ideas within me, hopefully they will for you too.

An older, decommissioned project but one I enjoyed thoroughly:


StreetWriter (Windows Media:4M
| MPEG: 5.6M)


Sylverlace said...

It's no wonder the street writer was de-comissioned. Having something like that conveniently tucked away in your full sized van could tempt even the most straight collared professional with ideas of grafitti.

meme contributor said...

i know, getting things like this commercially available to larger audiences is a must. everyone, even if only secretly, wants to fukcing bomb the system ; )