Tuesday, November 07, 2006

See Your Favorite Photos and Pictures in an Entirely New Light

My apartment needs some added visual stimuli so having access to both time and a friend who can get relatively inexpensive prints for me means a new project. For some time I was working with DIY LCD projectors, a great project that I will probably post when time permits or interest strikes. But in relation to this project, the LCD backlights were waste and can be used as a backlight for interesting photos, prints, etc. Unfortunately I only have one remaining and am not planning on working with any new LCD projector projects in the near future. So, here we have information on a low cost, low tech alternative. Interesting lamps, added decor, simple fun with lights and photos.

Pictures of the end result to draw interest:

DigiBlue150hi ColorCircles150hi LiteStreaks150hi FabStripes150hi LampInUse

    Tools Needed

    Requires only a utility knife, screwdriver, pliers, drill & 1/4 inch bit (optional).

    Materials/ Sources

  • One high-resolution image electronic file, vividly colored, not a pastel or watercolor.
  • Two sheets of 8.5 x 11 inch glossy photo paper (Staples, Walmart, etc).
  • Plastic picture laminate- optional (Staples, Walmart, etc.)
  • One empty clear GLASS (NOT plastic) 32 Fluid Ounce jar (e.g., large instant coffee or mayonnaise, etc.), 4 to 5 inch diameter x max. 7.5 inch high, with wide-mouth (at least 2.5 inch). The jar must have a fairly deep (3/4 to 1 inch) plastic lid (NOT metal). Remove the label and lid and clean it. Keep the cap, lid liner, and bottle.
  • One candle-flame shaped lightbulb, from 5 watts (for nightlight) to NO larger than 40 watts. (Dollar/99 Cent Store, etc.)
  • One medium-weight (SP2) zipcord with plug and optional cordswitch. (Dollar/99 Cent Store, Walmart, etc.)
  • One brass lamp socket, which you will wire to the cord. It should match your bulb size and have a diameter that allows it to fit inside the bottle (Lowes, Walmart or hardware store.)
  • One 8 inch piece of stiff clothes hanger wire or similar (NOT insulated wire).
  • One 4 or 5 inch diameter (depending on the bottle size) mailing-tube cap (optional). This serves as the top glare guard.

Full DIY Guide here, enjoy: Backlit Photo & Print Display Lamp

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