Saturday, November 04, 2006

A housemate of mine, being the constructive handy man of the house, has turned our house and the surrounding areas into a bicycle graveyard of sorts in order to gather parts for his bike and others that are in the process of being built.

It really is amazing that people just leave these frames, tires, pieces out on the street, trashed and left for dead. Such a waste and definitely yet another example of living in excess. Well, inspired by his desire to recycle, re-use and make functional these bicycles of yesterday, I went on-line in search of other ways these parts could be reused.

I came across this designer, Frida Ottemo Kallstrom. She uses recycled bicycles in her unique designs of light fixtures and stools, among other types of furniture. She debuted her collection at the Salone Satellite show in Milan this past April.

Enjoy more of her playful bicycle designs here: Cykelmöbelprojekt

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