Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Media Mirror

Media, with the constant influx of advertisements, biased news, sitcoms and reality TV shows, how much of our society is shaped by the standards and opinions passed down through the media, TV in particular?

The answer lies in what you see when you walk out your front door. When you observe people and the way they speak, dress and interact. If you could have a mirror that reflected your image, not an exact replication but your essence, the compounds of your character reflected back in a mosaic of your conscious being, what would it be represented by? I would like to think mine wouldn't consist of 200 individual channels of cable television but to all who attend this Interactive Video installation, that is just what is reflected back. An amazing project developed by Jeff Han, a consulting research scientist for NYU's Department of Computer Science,is an interactive video installation composed of over two hundred channels of live cable TV, arranged to mimic the picture of the person that stands in front of it. Check out the details below.

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