Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Breadboard Band

In an ever advancing, mutating electronic music age it's always interesting to see how abstract and innovative things can get. I mean, when you think of live performances in the electronic music realm, most people think about instruments such as turntables, lap tops, maybe some outboard gear like synths, drum machines, etc. Nowadays, more than ever, what most people would have referred to as avant-garde, bizarre even, has become common place. Circuit bent live acts, using speak and spells, casio sk-1 keyboards rewired to layer sounds, basslines, melodies to perform live. Gameboy, 8-Bit music, tweaked out gameboys plugged in, stereo out, making insane music to dance to. It's all just as small percentage of the plethora of acts, now becoming more mainstream and demanding a larger crowd.

As an example of some of the possibilities in addition to the above mentioned, I list the Breadboard band. Using breadboards, compiled of freely constructed circuits, manipulated in real time to produce both music and visuals. On the fly wiring, performed with open circuits fully displayed for all to watch and admire. Performance not often present in the sometimes mundane electronic music scene. Check out their blog and judge for yourself.

Read More on the Breadboard Band:> HERE

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