Saturday, May 22, 2010

More BOOGIE. His photography captures life on the fringe of society, a place often overlooked and avoided by the general populous; it's all documented. After the pictures, read his interview.

"When you hear the term, “the American dream,” what does it mean to you?

[The American dream] used to mean something, but now I think it’s dead. Before coming to the U.S., I had this vision of Americans starting their little business and succeeding based on their hard work and good ideas. Nowadays, you open your little coffee shop, you do great, and then Starbucks comes and destroys you. Or you pay your health insurance every month for years, then you get sick and the insurance company won’t cover you, so you go bankrupt. You hear more and more stories of normal, middle-class people struggling to meet ends. Doesn’t sound like a dream any more."


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