Thursday, February 26, 2009



Their preferred form of transport is their ‘Heartschallenger’ ice cream truck, they release disgustingly limited edition singles, including a split 6″ single with Crystal Castles on glow in the dark green vinyl, are signed in the US to uber-hip L.A cats, IHEARTCOMIX and their debut UK release was released by the ridiculously cool graphic designer, label owner and self proclaimed ‘creative maestro’, Kate Moross, who also designed the holographic laser foiled sleeve which encases the cotton candy pink vinyl. It is so often the case however, that hipster credentials and fashion mag presence lead to the old fashioned case of style over substance, in which case you’ll be glad to hear that HeartsRevolution fucking rock! Chaotic yet refined, like the aforementioned Crystal Castles brought up on a diet of Blondie as opposed to obscure Sonic Youth b-sides, HeartsRevolution are as cool on record (if not more so) than they are in person, and as you’ve just learned, that’s insatiably cool.

The shamelessly cool video for the track C.Y.O.A (Choose Your Own Adventure) follows, it’s all jerky, stop frame funkiness with lashings of creativity, retro neon lights and, oh, of course, the music…. which as we’ve said, is insatiable.

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