Thursday, April 17, 2008

Instant acid rave goodness.

Awesome online flash app

Notes on playing with this, beautiful on line toy:

" okay, its actually fairly simple - ill give you a basic guide

the black thing at the top is the all important mixer

plug the outputs of units (like the 303 for the acid sound or the 808 for the drum sounds) into different inputs on the mixer

nothing will play until you hit the play button at the bottom

tweakalize various settings to your hearts content

its generally alot easier to make easy cool sounds with the 303 than to reprogram the 808

then try "sidechaining" from the 303.. through various guitar pedals.. then into the mixers input

tweaklise the pedals, turning them on or off you'll see a red light correspond

now enjoy making crazy sounds

note : two 303's running at once can sound a lil crazy.. try turning all the top knobs to maximum

to move the page click and drag, same with all the gadgets there


oh yeah and for extra craziness points, try plugging the 808's output into the 303's input..."

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