Saturday, December 30, 2006

MIT OpenCourseWare

As time progresses, the possibility and opportunity to get educated on your own terms has improved. Thanks to the vast and seemingly infinite knowledge floating around in internet land, resources are in abundance. As an example, check out the always progressive, forward thinking of M.I.T.. The make all of their courses available online for both their enrolled students the the general public. Genius. The program is called OpenCourseWork. Even better is the fact that this isonly one example of many OpenCourseWare programs, as you can find more through the OpenCourseWare consortium.Free education, not a new concept but definitely more accessible here in the present.

"OpenCourseWare expresses in an immediate and far-reaching way MIT's goal of advancing education around the world. Through MIT OCW, educators and students everywhere can benefit from the academic activities of our faculty and join a global learning community in which knowledge and ideas are shared openly and freely for the benefit of all."
- Susan Hockfield, President of MIT

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