Thursday, October 26, 2006

John Powell - Light Time in Space

Possibly one of the coolest people in Allston, definitely within a 3 block radius of my apartment, is this man, Mr. John Powell. With the exception of my most amazing housemates, this guy is the most talented person in my hood. Not like I actually "know" him, but still, it's relevant. A friend and I had the opportunity to bump into him one night while walking past his studio space, he stood in the door way, light illuminating him like he was just stepping out of a time machine, of course I may have altered my perception of reality a little earlier but you get the point. He was kind, strangely humble and inviting. Old, wise and intriguing. He told us about some of the projects he was working on while we waited with him for a friend to arrive. He lives literally right down the St and has had his space for 15 years in Allston, originally from L.A., talk about a change of pace.

I have decided to harass and stalk him until he takes me in as his apprentice, whether or not this will work is totally up to fate and his tolerance for insanity, I'll get back to you on the outcome.

One of the most impressive projects, in my mind anyways, was his work with the lighting of the bridges that cross the Charles. The two that are permanently illuminated are the Larz Anderson Bridge, and the Weeks Memorial footbridge. Plus many more that you can read on about through the links below. I can think of many a night, sitting next to the Charles, vibing off of the reflections of both the bridges and the lighting off of the Charles. Thoughts of life, existence, love, food, sex, beer and RFID tags runing through my mind, just to name a few.

In conclusion, this guy rocks and I want him to impregnate my girlfriend, seriously.

Information on the Charles river Bridges:

"Working with the Charles River Conservancy, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and the LEF foundation, I have worked on illuminating the bridges that cross the Charles river between Boston and Cambridge. So far, we have two bridges permanently illuminated, the Larz Anderson Bridge, and the Weeks Memorial footbridge.

Working with very limited budget, these projects are accomplished by using off the shelf industrial lighting, mounted close onto the bridge structure and energized with existing power systems. Plans call for continuing down the Charles, with temporary lighting for special events a part of this illumination of one of America’s most historic rivers.

Link to John Powell's website: Light Time in Space

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